There’s a Movement Under Foot


Are you ready to play your part?

Living in a climate-changed, plastic-clogged, Covid-crazed world has left many of us wondering, can we still make a difference? At Baliston, we believe the answer is a bold, “Yes, we can!” starting with choices as simple as which shoes we wear. 

In the coming months, we’ll be launching an audacious new shoe experience that will catapult the industry into the next generation. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 

First, let’s build a community together, driven by the belief that when we join forces behind a cause there’s no stopping us. Whether it’s combating climate change, or leading conscious and healthy lives, it’s time for a movement.


And with that we ask, are you ready to play your part and 

join us?

Shoe detail teaser

A bold first step

Baliston has created its shoes by leveraging an intentional design approach that considers every aspect of the shoe, from its styling and materials, to embracing connectivity that provides health insights and goal setting. 

Our recipe?

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About baliston

Baliston is an innovative, prelaunch direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup founded by footwear, tech, and ecommerce veterans highly experienced in successfully bringing products to life. We’re based in California with an international team spanning France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Mexico.


We’ve set out to build a new paradigm for what a shoe experience can be. We look forward to staying in touch and delivering our breakthrough product in the next few months.

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