How Baliston is sparking a sustainable movement in footwear, one smart step at a time

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We’re battling waste and indifference with a revolutionary new shoe experience

Every year, companies produce 25 billion pairs of shoes. 

95% of them end up in the trash. 

What happens to nearly 24 billion pairs of discarded shoes? It’s difficult to comprehend this massive waste and its impact on the planet.

Another statistic that is equally difficult to conceptualize: 25% of American adults don’t get enough exercise and are in sub-optimal physical shape. The climate crisis and our own failing health are simply too important to ignore.

We no longer have to tackle the big issues alone. The latest developments in sustainable production and smart technology are beginning to transform hard-to-digest statistics into something tangible. With circularity programs, sophisticated wearable tech, and intentional design, we can unlock the potential within essential items like shoes for improved wellness and mobility, smarter innovation, and a healthier planet.

The Environmental Impact of Baliston’s Shoe Model

The world is more interconnected than ever, and even small steps can have a positive ripple effect. It’s not that there aren’t enough solutions; 21st-century technology and a steadily increasing environmental consciousness means that real change is just around the corner. 

So let’s ask the small questions—the overlooked questions—the ones that could lead towards making a big impact. Let’s start with designing shoes meant to reduce waste. It starts with constructing a durable, comfortable shoe created using a handful of readily recyclable components rather than the typical shoe’s 20-50 different fabrics, plastics, and glues.

And when it comes time, we’ll make it easy and convenient to recycle the shoes–and take full accountability and ownership of the process.

Be Part of the Mission

Baliston is rapidly speeding toward the release of its breakthrough new shoes. In the meantime, we’ll be publishing informative posts and, when it comes time, reaching out to potential customers interested in reserving a pair of our limited-release first edition.

Baliston shoes are more than an investment in your health or the pinnacle of shoe engineering. You’re investing in the future. The more you move and the more you’re informed about your health journey, the more you help our planet. Baliston’s revolutionary shoe platform represents a new era of daily health companionship that makes an unapologetic, bioethical statement.

It’s time to walk toward that new era. 


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